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Hi everyone! I'm animeneko_chan :3 Welcome to my personal graphic jounal! Pretty much my graphics of boredom and such can be found here ^^ Please follow the rules or I will eat you >'3

A little more about myself:
I'm a 11 year old [Yes, 11.] living in the Philippines. I started to get in to Photoshop when my online friend, zeldi_chan, posted a tutorial on her forum, Yume No Hana Forums. I'm currently in the 5th grade. My grades have to be tip-top so I sometimes leave shiroitsubasa to study or read. You may think I'm SO YOUNG and your right but most of my friends tell me I'm mature xD; Some even though I was 18-20 but ^^; Anyway, ENJOY YOURSELF HERE X3


1. When using my graphics please credit nanoneko [or animeneko_chan if you'd like ^^]
2. Please comment when taking graphics :3 [Probably just because I like comments XD]
3. Please don't redistribute or claim them as your own graphics [this has already happened to a wallpaper I made D<]
4. Please no hotlinking!
5. Please don't edit my grapihcs without permission ^^ And textless icons are not bases unless stated so.

To credit when icon or other graphics by me are used in forums type this code onto your signature:

To credit if used in LJ:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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